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Corporate Information

RIKEN OPTECH's vision is to be an enterprise, which contributes to customers and society in the fields of safety, health and hygiene. We also aim to keep challenging the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

SafetySafety is the key consideration for all product manufacturing and technology development. With our long experience of developing safety technology we can offer superior products.

HealthWe make products that reflect the needs of workers. We build in to every single product not only the most advanced levels of safety, but also the most thorough health protection for workers.

HygieneOur priority is to create a people-friendly, comfortable working environment. Accordingly we make sure that comfort is one of the essential qualities we build in. Our products are in contact with the human body, so in particular we enhance comfort and ease of use.

Company Outline

Head Office 2-6-9 Higashi Ohi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-8533 JAPAN
Establishment 29 May, 1950
Capital 100,000,000 JPY
President and CEO
Hajime Misu, Chairman
Maiko Misu, President
Main Banks MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Mizuho Bank
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Trade Memberships
Japan Industrial Safety and Health Assosciation
Technology Institution of Industrial Safety
Japan Safety Appliances Association
Japan Construction Occupational Safety and Health Association
Japan Press Safety Devices Association

Business Fields

Eye and Face Protection

Our products are designed in various different waysto help maintain a high degree of safety for workers.

The Safety Equipment Division deals with industrial health and safety protection equipment, such as safety glasses and welding glasses. The division focuses its efforts on creating an environment, in which everyone can work in comfort and safety. In pursuit of this target, we have established project teams that form the basis of such efforts. These project teams involve the participation not only of the people in charge of development, but also the staff of the sales and business departments. This synergy creates an environment, in which the development of products can be examined from many angles. Moreover, we maintain strong communication links with our customers, as our objective is to manufacture products that satisfy customer needs. Furthermore, supporting industrial workers to improve their level of safety awareness is also one of our more important roles. We actively participate in corporate safety education and training courses, and have frequently lectured to users, thus providing them with the expertise and practical knowledge needed for safe operations.

Safety Devices for Presses and Other Equipment

Developing new possibilities through the application of safety technology,

The Safety and Automation Systems Division is involved in developing and marketing press safety equipment, which prevents accidents during pressing work. The division also sells and develops load monitoring and malfunction detection equipment, which is vital for controlling the quality of pressing activity. In recent years, with the expansion into overseas markets by automobile and household appliance manufacturers, a greater proportion of our products is being exported. The safety technology originating from the research and development of our press safety equipment is becoming increasingly sophisticated in terms of technology and increasingly automated. This increase in quality, automation and its application in the field of industrial machinery is expected to continue to grow. The Safety and Automation Systems Division has adopted CAD and CAE technologies, which together with our long history of achievement and our extensive and rich experience of implementation, enables us to tackle research into equipment, which will support the next generation of industrial machinery.