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Multifunctional Load Monitoring System


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Multiple alarm functions incorporated high performance automatic Load Monitoring System

RLG has the function of detecting the press load with a strain gauge. It displays the accurate load during press processing, and output stop signals and stops a press machine immediately when abnormality is detected. Multiple detection modes incorporated cannot be ignored when there are eccentric loads for each stroke, and furthermore, load monitoring extends the life of dies, prevents friction and wear of presses, also promotes quality control and rationalization.


  • Improvement of labor efficiency:
    Multiple load monitoring function.
  • Easy to read digital display:
    The tonnage of the load to be processed at each side is displayed digitally for every channel and the total tonnage of the pressurized load is displayed at the center. The operator can check the pressurized load during the stamping and get a good grasp of the load balance from the pressurized load tonnage displayed for each channel. It is instrumental to the protection of the press machine and dies.
  • Three-Selector Changeover Function:
    Three monitoring functions (Trend Alarm, Adaptive Alarm and Area Alarm) can be designated by changing over the switches. One of the monitoring functions suited for the operation can be used.
  • Simple Quality Control:
    The load variation during the stamping is displayed on the LED bar, which allows the operator to easily check the deviation from the common difference. Green and orange lights will come on when the value is within the upper and lower limits; a red light will come on if the value exceeds the upper and lower limits. The operator can check for any variation during the operation (when the press machine is running) hence, it is useful for quality control purposes.
  • It will detect double stamping and feeding errors:
    It will stop the press machine to prevent losses when it detects an unusual load generated by double stamping or a feeding error.


●Electrical Specifications Power supply 90-264 VAC
Current consumption 100mA-220 VAC / 115mA-200 VAC
No.of channels 2 channels(RLG-2) / 4 channels
A/D conversion method 12 bit
Normal mode rejection 50db at 2,000 gain (between + innput and – input)
Calibration Manual calibration
Isolation 500VDC continuous between inputs and chassis ground
●Environmental Specificatins Working temperature 0℃-60℃(32°F-140°F)
●Input Specifications Input type Strain gauge (350Ω, 700Ω)
Input impedance 1K
Low range gain Max. gain 1176
Cal. resistor(140k-ohm) Min. gain 54
High range gain Max. gain 6959
Cal. resistor(1meg-ohm) Min. gain 347
Display resolution Up to 0.1% of full scale
Overall module accuracy 1% of full scale
A/D sample rate 100 microseconds
●Output Specifications Alarm relay Dry contact (10A 240VAC)