目・顔の保護具 VFコーティングテクノロジー

Riken Optech's anti-fog technology VF Coating Technology
We are constantly improving our safety glasses. Their functioning requires the highest level of performance every day, because they have to function in severe working conditions. Riken Optech’s VF coated lens, which enjoy a high reputation in many areas, have been created from our own original anti-fog technology, known as ‘VF Coating Technology’. This VF coating allows clear vision, but is also highly resistant to fogging. Thus it has been possible to develop very high quality airtight safety glasses. Riken Optech uses VF coating technology constantly to achieve new product developments.

Advanced Anti-Fog VF Coating Technology

The most important attribute for safety glasses is the ability to prevent fogging. Using this technology we guarantee clarity of vision and complete safety for the user.

Fogging is caused by tiny condensation droplets appearing on the lens surface. The highly absorbent VF coating does not allow the formation of the water droplets, which cause fogging, so fogging is completely eliminated. Moreover, the VF coating film adheres strongly to the polycarbonate, which is the basic constituent material of the lens. Even after repeated cleaning the anti-fog effect is maintained.

With high temperature and high humidity, or sudden temperature change, there is no fogging up,

VF coated lens prevent fogging even after a sudden temperature change. In conditions of high temperature and high humidity they maintain clear vision by stopping any fogging up. Workers’ safety is protected.

VF coated lens tested against non-VF coated lens

Test procedure: Goggle lens were put into a domestic freezer compartment set at -20°C. Transferred goggles after 1 hour to room temperature of 28°C.

Non-VF coated lens fogs up, and vision is not clear at all.

VF coated lens does not fog up.