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Load Monitor


Multifunctional Load Monitoring System

Multiple alarm functions incorporated high performance automatic Load Monitoring System

RLG series load monitor has the function of detecting the press load with a strain gauge. It displays the accurate load during press processing, and output stop signals and stops a press machine immediately when abnormality is detected. Multiple detection modes incorporated cannot be ignored when there are eccentric loads for each stroke, and furthermore, load monitoring extends the life of dies, prevents friction and wear of presses, also promotes quality control and rationalization.

                  Bluetooth built in as standard equipment,enabling data transfer,management and analysis whenever desired

Use Bluetooth communication to transfer the load data acquired from the main unit of the RLG body to your Android terminal. The data acquired from each terminal can be transferred easily to a computer (automatically converted to CSV format). As data analysis is possible, it can be used for various applications.


  • Monitoring overload
  • Responding to eccentric load by monitoring left and right separately
  • Comparing load every stroke shows the effect for preventing die failure caused by double-hit and misfeed
  • Respond to estimate the regrinding period of the die and changes of material thickness
  • Two functions, “Absolute-value detection” and “Rolling average detection” are incorporated
  • By knowing the suitable load for products, the selection of the press machine is facilitated
  • Digital LED and bar display show the currant load condition clearly and easy to understand

Additional function in option (PC Software, Mariner AD)

  • Load waveform analysis (load waveform analysis software, Mariner AD)
  • Display peak load history
  • SPC chart display function (statistical process management)

Standard installation of Bluetooth function

  • Supports smartphones/tablet equipped with Android
  • Storage function for more than 1,000 load waveform
  • Obtained latest 100 overload
  • Software can be downloaded at Helm Instrument website
  • Supports Ethernet (additional board required)


Electrical Specifications Power supply 90-264 VAC
Current consumption 100mA-220 VAC / 115mA-200 VAC
No.of channels 2 channels(RLG-2) / 4 channels
A/D conversion method 12 bit
Normal mode rejection 50db at 2,000 gain (between + innput and – input)
Calibration Manual calibration
Isolation 500VDC continuous between inputs and chassis ground
Environmental Specificatins Working temperature 0°C-60°C(32°F-140°F)
Input Specifications Input type Strain gauge (350Ω, 700Ω)
Input impedance 1K
Low range gain Max. gain 1176
Cal. resistor(140k-ohm) Min. gain 54
High range gain Max. gain 6959
Cal. resistor(1meg-ohm) Min. gain 347
Display resolution Up to 0.1% of full scale
Overall module accuracy 1% of full scale
A/D sample rate 100 microseconds
Output Specifications Alarm relay Dry contact (10A 240VAC)

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