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Malfunction Detector


Multi-Functional High Resolution Automatic Die Monitoring System

MICRON3 is a High Resolution Slug Detector for press operation that monitors the position of bottom dead center (BDC) every stroke using high performance proximity sensor. Setting the upper and lower monitoring limits based on the reference value calculated automatically by the sampling, when the detected value exceed the monitoring range, the device sends a stop signal immediately to the press machine. This device adapts Mean Value(Rolling Average) Monitoring Method and Absolute Value(Bench Mark) Monitoring Method, thus enable to perform more accurate and stable detection.


  • High accuracy with 0.1μm resolution.
  • Simultaneously monitors rolling average and benchmark.
  • Fault counter function incorporated.
  • Automatic sensor calibration incorporated.
  • Various sensors are provided.


Power Supply and Output section
(only MIC3-B)
Power supply AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption 15W or less
Output contact 1A, 1B (emergency output,auxiliary output)
Output contact capacity 250VAC or less, max.5A Cosφ=1
Detection section No.of channels 2 channles (Max.8, modification required)
Detection range 0.8mm-1.8mm
Repeatig accuracy 1μm (0.1μm at high sensitivity)
Monitoring range Average ±99μm
Sensor type Proximity sensor for slug detector
Display section Display 7-segment LED
Others Backup Semiconductor memory, Backup period: 10 years or more
Maximum speed 2,400spm
Temperature range Working:-10°C-50°C(non freezing) / Storage:-20°C-75°C
Humidity range 10-85%RH (at wet bulb temperature of 29℃ or less, non condensation)

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